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META tags:


A:META tags still work in major search engines?

B: I still advocate placing META tags on your web pages, and if you’re not abusing it, rank your site. No harm.

C: it’s good to handle them properly. The keyword tag contains only the main keywords of the page without having to repeat it in the page. This is twice the result with half the effort. As for descriptipn tags, generally in 25-30 or less for some good. Some search engines will use this as a description of your site.

D: I feel a META tag in Google re divisor is my website reference, only one description.

Personal opinion: the use of

1, meta tags are embedded in your web page in the special HTML tags, including you have some hidden information about your web page. The role of the Meat tag is to explain to the search engine what your web page is about. For advanced search engines, HTML’s meta tags are nothing new. But in any case it is an excellent web page indispensable. Here we will explain some of it.

2, when you plan to search engine optimization strategy is meta tags is very important. Nevertheless, the general entry of meta does not help you get a better ranking in the search engine. There are several meta tags, but there are several important: description tags, keywords tags, title tags (strictly speaking, title is not a label). These tags are especially important when you refresh the labels from time to time. If you want the search engine to index your site, you will use the HTML tags (redirect) tags and robots Tags

note: only 20% of the "questionnaire use" keyword "and" description "label (keyword, description)

here is for the two example label:

multiple keywords separated by commas.

3, title tags


title tag may be the most important tag in your web page, which is the first part of your web page. Put it in front of description and keyword.

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