Starve timid support dead bold See how others invest in domain names to make money

renamed Chinese ( February 12th – the day before, the 4 digital domain name for a year the price rose 170 thousand yuan, and received a lot of attention of rice farmers, similar examples in the domain name market there are many, why the domain name price increase they can be so large? Who can decide the price of domain name the level of domain name investors? M website that the value of the domain name is largely determined by the seller himself.

do you dare to sell for $100 million,


in November last year, the 3 digital domain name was traced to the price of 5 million 300 thousand yuan transactions, and in 2009 the price is only $45 thousand, about about 300000 yuan, 5 years directly rose 5 million yuan. why can so cock? But in recent years the digital domain name market unpopular, prices continued higher objective reasons, a bold bid for sellers is probably a major cause.

As everyone knows in the domain name transaction

, link, the quotation is very important, at a low, domain name on the cheap to sell, offer is too high, afraid to scare people directly. Investors to comment on the recent m web site on the domain name to sell 100 million yuan a thing, that "even if in some 360 meters friends hand, perhaps only dare to offer hundreds of thousands, still trembling, trembling, even if they do not believe that, at first, to give you such a high price."


figure: 360

indeed, has been able to sell 100 million yuan, backed by a Qihoo 360 willing to spend money to buy the domain name to the terminal is a major factor, but is such a giant Vodafone holdings is a big reason. If only the general investors, estimates will sell a maximum of millions or 889, may have to worry about not because of price is too high to 360 away, but because the seller is Vodafone this not bad money giant, it is not the same, the higher price becomes reasonable. So, sometimes the value of a domain name, the seller does account for an important part, of course, the premise is that the other side willing to hit the money to buy the domain name.

similar rice but dare to report 100 times the price of

meters. At the same time, "the man is a greedy in nature of the animal, you offer 1 million meters, people will think that maybe 600 thousand yuan can buy. But you offer 1000 yuan, people will think this meters give you 800 yuan has been very good! Not too much of your price. Some of the unique characteristics of the rice, is exactly the same, and not to mention the price, but hundreds to hundreds of thousands, is entirely possible."

like the famous scholar meters. Domain name investors admire, although some seem very general meters in his hand, but in the end they are sold at high prices, the key is "some of his rice and I is very similar, but I dare to report the 100 times the price." Although the old saying "starve to death"

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