Do you know what the new middle class wants

a lot of people ask me this question: "what kind of’8090 consumer groups are often found in the business plan, ‘the new urban middle class’, what exactly do you want?"

yes, they pay in the morning for a community, "fled North Canton" this crazy activity. They listen to pop music, but they go to classical music training on weekends. More and more big logo and high-end luxury advertising appeal without feeling, in turn to pursue a designer red personal works. Also willing to pay to remove the video at the beginning of the ad, because they do not want to wait 1 minutes – what they want in the end what is the difference with the next generation of consumer


put forward my hypothesis in one sentence:


because fear unable to complete the task of life ", so a generation to save money, whether to buy their own what to look for a reason. (for example, occasionally sitting in a better car, will comfort themselves that is to see the customer)

and this generation of young consumers are more of life as a process, so about a better car without hesitation, said: "I just want to make myself happy".

so, to get the support of the new middle class, the most important thing is to provide a new answer for their wonderful life.

to this end, this article provides you with 4 perspectives, to help you find the "blocking their good life factor" and provide a better answer:

is too late to do what you want to do – "lead"

lacks determination, not to do what he wants to do – to provide a call to

lacks the ability to do what he wants to do – to provide accessibility

attention is wasted, it’s hard to do what you want to do — save attention

1 is too late to do what you want to do – to provide "lead"


if you pay close attention to it, you will find that now young consumers, that is, the major start-up companies in the business plan of the new urban middle class, more and more willing to pay for such community services. This phenomenon is very strange, because a genuine book as long as 30, but people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to join this community.

similar to this, there are:

"everyday morning community"

adhere to fitness club online

"4 weeks systematic training of a professional skill"

3 weeks, lose weight together with 5 pounds

36 days only eat vegetables

"find a night with your best friend"……


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