At last the Google Corporation or problems in China market to make a public statement

chief executive Eric · Schmidt in Google after the incident was first interviewed by the media, said the talks with the government is Chinese Chinese Google exit market case, he does not rule out Google is likely to stay at Chinese, and a sense of erotic color and said "we love China and China people".

in the United States government level, the U. S. State Department 15 threatened, as early as possible to issue a formal diplomatic note to Chinese early next week, in order to express the so-called hacker attacks prompted Google’s threat to pull out of Chinese market concerns. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jiang Yu had earlier made it clear that Chinese law prohibits any form of hacking, Internet management practices in line with international practice. She said: if the United States to contact China, we will reiterate the position of the United states."

stay is a better business choice

Schmidt 15 to accept the United States, Newsweek exclusive interview, talking about the reasons for Google to withdraw from the Chinese market decisions. He said that compared to many other companies, Google has its differences in China’s operations for Google’s decision-making is a very complex problem. But he says the company believes that running in China is good for everyone – for Google and the Chinese people.

was asked why the public announcement of the news rather than the first to communicate with the parties concerned, Schmidt said, Google Corporation is now in contact with the Chinese government hopes to solve the problem. "But we want transparency, we don’t want to keep it secret. So we first announced the news, and now also with the Chinese government to discuss." He said that it is difficult to say how the final result, because the discussion has just begun.

In an interview,

Schmidt also reiterated the views of Google Corporation earlier in the withdrawal statement, claiming that Google Corporation is not only driven by commercial interests. "This is not a business decision – business decisions will continue to be a part of the Chinese market…… We try to seek the best from the global perspective."

finally, when asked about the possibility of Google exit China market by other search engine companies replaced, Schmidt said: "this is a likely outcome, but maybe we can reach an agreement with the government China, then continue in Chinese operation." "You know, we still have our engineers, programmers and other staff in china." "We love China and the Chinese people," he said."

threatened the United States next week sent a diplomatic note

at the same time, there are unconfirmed news yesterday, said a spokeswoman for Google Corporation denied earlier Google threatened to withdraw from the Chinese market reports. The spokeswoman, who declined to be named, told the media that Google was still operating in China as usual and reviewing the contents of the website. Google employees in China are still working, she said.

compared to Google Corporation, the U.S. government on this issue to be much tougher attitude.

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