Behind the explosion of information confusion thirty years of age vertical sites

poet dead age

in 90s, Wang Guozhen’s poetry to the 70 left a deep impression, I still remember that he wrote the "thank you," the fragments, and found the full text of the poem on the Internet is not difficult:

let me how to thank you, when I go to you, I would like to harvest a ray of spring, but you gave me the whole spring;

let me how to thank you, when I move toward you, I want to hold a spoondrift, you gave me the whole ocean;

let me how to thank you, when I move toward you, I wanted to capture a red leaves, you gave me the whole Fenglin;

let me how to thank you, when I come to you, I wanted to kiss a snowflake, you gave me a silver world.

20 years ago, most of the fans of Wang Guozhen had bought his poems or tapes. Now, I can find all the poems written by Wang Guozhen in the internet. And I found that, after 20 years on the Internet, the poet is less and less, the network literature is mostly "series of fantasy novels, most of the works are copious and fluent hundreds of thousands of words, even millions of words.

the development of information technology also allows changing the development of network literature, as with the printing process, let China literary experience Tang and Song Yuan to the novels of Ming and Qing Dynasties, get longer; in the digital information and network era, manufacturing, editing, dissemination of information is more and more low threshold when everyone. Entertain write what time, those poets who earn royalties by writing poetry, it is difficult to rely on the meager royalties to support yourself


when the rise of blog, a number of Internet commentators was born; and when the rise of micro-blog, everyone can comment scripts whenever and wherever possible, I found us into a poet’s, because everyone can write Weibo pseudo poetry, ziyuzile.

this is a poet’s dead, because this is a poem in


information explosion behind the confusion

if ten years ago, the Internet is "you need a forest on the network, but can not find a leaf"; then, now the Internet has been able to do "you need a leaf, give you a forest network", and I think this is precisely the problem existing in the current internet.

ten years ago, people bothered to spend time looking for information, ten years later, people worry that in the information found; ten years ago, people complain that the TV is too small, ten years later, people complain that time spent on the selected table; ten years ago, we did not complain information, ten years later, we complain too much information. Some people say that this is an era of information explosion, it sounds a bit exaggerated, but it is true.

in addition to the information explosion, another troubled people is false information". Unlike the former, almost everyone has felt the deluge of information

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