Micro blog 45 degree elevation of the future three impact on e commerce is not enough

micro-blog can bring traffic to the electronic commerce website

micro-blog is amazing, micro-blog is very popular, micro-blog impact search engines, portals, social networks and real-time communications. But micro-blog will be the same as the impact of e-commerce?. Or, he’s not going to be as big as you think about e-commerce. The core question behind this is: how big is the community’s influence on e-commerce? Where is the impact of


let’s take a look at micro-blog’s highly relevant social networking services. In April 2011, according to iResearch consulting GoldMan released in the Facebook survey, 31% of respondents believe that the search engine has great influence on online shopping, 27% of respondents believe that online shopping platform to recommend effect on online shopping, only 5% of respondents think that social network has impact on online shopping.


report to find the percentage of consumers is directly enter the e-commerce website URL directly for shopping, I guess, the proportion is not low (guess, at least 20% above), this will be particularly evident in large famous e-commerce company, because the electronic commerce website once the leading group, the brand effect will be quite concentrated.

online shopping consumers may wish to recall the recent online shopping behavior, how many percentage is from Facebook, happy net or Renren web site as a starting point, the final completion of the shopping. When there is a demand for shopping, is to start a series of acts from the search engine, or from the shopping guide platform (parity search or shopping navigation, etc.), or directly enter the website of the shopping site? Or, micro-blog?

another survey data show that Facebook is becoming an important source of news site traffic, the contribution of the news site traffic behind Google, Drudge Report (a news aggregator site) and YAHOO. I believe that micro-blog will play a more important role in China, becoming an important source of news site traffic. And, when will the social network become an important source of traffic for e-commerce sites? Micro-blog


the micro-blog marketing effect is not stable

micro-blog has become the first stop for many people on the Internet, starting here as a starting point for the various places on the internet. From then on, micro-blog seems to have the potential to become an important source of e-commerce site traffic. However, from the point of view of e-commerce sites, the flow brought by micro-blog is not long-term and stable. This makes the operation generated a lot of uncertainty.

The investigation of

GoldMan shows that the vast majority of users (nearly 60%) is through search engines and shopping guide platform (there is a large part of CPS business marketing network alliance or network alliance participants), into the electronic commerce website. It is no wonder that most of the marketing channels of e-commerce operators is preferred (PPC search engine keywords Network Alliance (CPS), customer service commission).

and micro-blog or social networks, it is difficult for e-commerce companies to master

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