Box model of the Chinese practice of low cost promotion Chinese style improvement

like all the group purchase website, COPY Groupon from the United States, selling cosmetics sample and creative mode, its originator also from the United States, founded in 2010, a website called Birchbox, it is the founder of two Harvard Business School graduates.

Speaking of

Birchbox model is very simple, members pay a membership fee, then you can receive monthly website for you carefully selected samples, the seemingly dull business model by many female consumers, but also to Birchbox worldwide provoke many imitators.

is a group purchase site in Groupon on the basis of "tinkering" innovation, for two years, the development path of Birchbox imitators can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the only use this mode, to expand the scope of products, in addition to cosmetics, this pattern also copied to the shoes, socks, underwear, glasses, maternal and child supplies even snacks; the other is not only followed this pattern, but also inherited the name "box" – like intelligent mobile phone with iPhone called Phone, a public subscription cosmetics website also followed a Birchbox called "Myluxbox", "Glossybox" etc..

A class of

before imitators, such as the typical business shoes ShoeDazzle. When you log in, the site will list a list of 20 questions, including age, hobbies, shoes, clothing and makeup style, favorite brands and color preferences. Once you become a member, to pay $39.95 per month to the site, they will be based on the information you have provided, a month to recommend you to 5 pairs of shoes, so you pick a pair.

selling glasses under warbyparker more time, it is the slogan "5Pairs, 5Days, 100%Free!" as long as the payment of $95 each, the website once sent 5 glasses, users are free to try at home, free replacement, finally can leave a love.

2011, this model has also been introduced into china.

one day last October, is serving UBS New York Hongkong dragon only Jun, received a call from a headhunter. Headhunter told him that there is a newly established, headquartered in Germany’s cosmetics website – Glossybox, is planning to enter the mainland market, the need for an investment bank and consultant background CEO. Prior to the success of the Birchbox case, coupled with his experience in the service of McKinsey, his judgment on this project should be able to do 5 years.

at the end of October, the Dragon Weijun returned from New York, a person came to Shanghai, after receiving the company from a sum of money, Glossybox China branch just started.

is almost at the same time

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