Enterprises to promote new ideas classified information marketing model


enterprise retains the traditional marketing, Internet marketing as a promotional supplement, as Internet marketing channels, publish relevant information through the information platform, is a worthwhile method. We call:.

marketing pattern classification information

in the customer is the life of the competitive market, how to get more attention, how to get more customer resources, this is the survival of many enterprises facing the topic. In order to survive and development, wide dissemination of performance depends on the information platform, the timely product information posted on the Internet, let more potential customers to pay attention to the enterprise and the product, the enterprise only benefits, no harm. Not to mention a lot of information platforms are free.

has good luck free information network as an example, the enterprise can be in good luck to the platform targeted marketing activities. Although luck is the daily life of the main information, but also has the classification of business such as supply and demand information, these categories can be convenient enterprise to release products and business opportunities. Achieve the purpose of marketing to help enterprises as soon as possible, the effect is obvious.

if the enterprise has its own website, also can choose classified information website for supplementary positions for free promotion through classified information platform, without fear of website maintenance and other website operation problems, Why not? Of enterprises? Moreover, classified information platform information easily indexed by search engines, and soon by the browser. Therefore, light is the enterprise website is not enough. If the enterprise wants to quickly enhance the brand image and promote sales, improve customer relationship, reduce customer service cost, should consider to choose classified information platform for promotion.

enterprise is actually a marketing organization. If there is no product and service customers know, also cannot achieve business benefits. The direct effect of classified information platform of the enterprise is the enterprise into the market the front, let the market know the company, let customers find the enterprise in the era of network marketing, enterprises must make full use of information technology and network advantage. This kind of marketing not only changed the traditional marketing means and methods, but also completely changed the enterprise’s marketing concept, so it is a new marketing. We can call it classified information marketing model

because the company’s products have a variety of products, so for the dissemination of relevant information also can be separated, for example: for a product to release a type of information, let the customer through the information, to understand the product. This information is in the promotion of the marketing mode of e-commerce marketing to solve the enterprise marketing in fact, the traditional marketing is incomparable. But these benefits if not to understand and support the decision-making, so that good is also a hot air, for small and medium enterprises decision-making various enough understanding of electronic commerce, the enterprise should come out from the traditional marketing habits, re-examine the classification of enterprise information model camp benefits.

at the same time, classification letter

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