Silicon Valley energy company Deeya Energy 30 million financing

                May 21st, according to the telegraph, said the recent Silicon Valley energy company DeeyaEnergy announced the completion of the third round of financing, financing amount of $30 million.

Deeya said the current round of investment led by investment institutions TechnologyPartners. DeeyaEnergy existing investors blue Chi venture (BlueRunVentures), DFJ (Germany) also participated in the investment.

TechnologyPartners said, Deeya has changed the energy storage technology template, it can enhance the performance and reliability of storage space, reduce the cost of fuel in the absence of environmental impact conditions, the energy from a consumer into can bring benefits to the customer’s assets.

at present, DeeyaEnergy has been through innovative solutions to build a $46 billion market for energy storage, energy market provides a scalable, economical, renewable technology, creating a new generation of energy storage platform.

Deeya chief executive said, with the passage of time, the market there is a greater potential. The new funding will provide the resources needed by Deeya to increase production and scale operations. We are very pleased to cooperate with TechnologyPatners.

DeeyaEnergy was founded in 2004, headquartered in Silicon Valley. Is a clean energy company dedicated to the development and creation of energy storage systems. Deeya energy management team members are experienced experts in the fields of industrial power, energy storage, telecommunications, semiconductors and chemical industries.

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