Google actually QQ liar network to do promotion there is evidence

work today and as usual open Gmail, inadvertently found Google Adsense even with the 6 QQ launch site advertising, not surprising. Google is really a bit of advertising business review? Really only see the money, borrow money advertising QQ number even so naive can release? Google, you don’t let me down.

this ad impressively displayed on the top of my Gmail mailbox. It is tempting to show: "free to send 6 QQ – – the latest application in 2008 free of charge for the 6 QQ method for people who dare to try to sponsor links"!


click on the sponsor link URL to see the link is Sa=l& ai=BGREwrlSHR8e0KZya-…… -APoA6YD6AOIAugDIA& num=1& adurl=

you see? This site is; click to open after the address is Qq=626666? G, it is a recommended liar, the development of offline ah, you don’t scare me, I am timid; but this site deceptive Oh, look carefully, it is the top-level domain name is The is a big fudge. The first thing is:

to celebrate the "eight anniversary of the arrival of the Tencent Inc, the Tencent" hold "six good" free big run! This event by notary public, Tencent Inc owns all rights to interpret this activity. During the event, six pretty free, first come first served, sent every day until the end of the activities of the closing date: January 31, 2008


"six number" free big run, do not miss the opportunity! Real-time update the following numbers, and has sent for grey activation.

choose the one you love the number, click to enter the registration to


152525320330566222 565256822529998822 520520585265262858 885256229926 866595


289028668820868686 >

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