The small and medium sized enterprise core network marketing strategy after taking advantage to rall

The development of network marketing course,

traditional small businesses throughout the beginning of 2000, enterprise builds a website to display products, in 2003 the enterprise in order to promote the site in Sina, 163 Sohu, three portal search advertising, then there is a product called E search path, then indeed the customer basically in the three major portals on the cruise so, the three major portal search nature is very popular, and after the 3721 address bar search plug-in search, continue to develop, with the listing of Baidu PPC, PPC has gradually become the preferred way of enterprise network marketing; Alibaba, HC B2B website of the force, in the vigorous development of the Internet with a large number of B2B sites, set up then, it spawned a number of mass software, 2005 SEO gradually began to grow in the enterprise, the enterprise application began in 2008 SEO today We see many companies began their own SEO road……

short, bright brother from 2003 engaged in network marketing work so far, has been with the traditional enterprise network marketing growth, here we do not talk about the past enterprise is suddenly or what is worth mentioning, today, we finally find a bright road, this road is now the mainstream of the enterprise network marketing mode, at the same time it is also the core way, bright brother that is also the highest cost-effective way: SEM


what is SEM?

SEM is English (Search Engine Marketing), referred to as SEM; Chinese interpretation for search engine marketing! Before users concentrated in the three major portals, now Baidu has become the first entrance of Internet users, is also a common entrance. "There is a problem that is not only Baidu use Baidu Search" slogan, it is a realistic portrayal of Internet users! So, Baidu China as the first big search engine, some time ago also became the highest China corporate market value of Listed Companies in the Internet, occupy the market share of 78% China, behoove become mandatory large size enterprises network marketing resources


Baidu has the potential, we must learn to use


SEM contains SEO and PPC two kinds of network marketing.

SEO is a search engine optimization familiar! PPC pay per click, can also be said to be the PPC search engines such as Baidu! So the use of the way to realize the SEM or PPC obtained by promotion, standing in the front of the users search, either through SEO website optimization to the home front, to seize more free resource



must learn to rally!

what is the rally? You know now is the information age, any Baidu search keywords, then you are a lot of information, the information to calculate the ranking, may be only 1/10 or 1/20 more, how to seize the position, the formation of whitewashing trend? Many years ago, a marketing case, we know that the heart is K. >

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