Reflections on the promotion of coffee shop

for each industry is particularly unique customer base, each customer group preferences of life, shopping, leisure environment is different. So for the cafe, in the overall layout should be private, emotional atmosphere to build the overall environment. This specific to the decoration company, here is just to prepare for the promotion of the latter, and not spacious bright (


: final results through online theme promotion activities, let more visitors become your prospective customers as well as free lunches.

related preparation: 1, the relevant forum account (can be a well-known forum in Hefei, the industry forum) is recommended to the Hefei forum and Hefei 10000 hotline, with other related small forum. Including the main account and a number of accounts.

2, communication and negotiation with the forum staff. Because some things involving advertising activities, to communicate with the forum to prevent the work not completed. Best to get the support of moderators.

3, the relevant entity entrusted personnel. Warm up for the next activity. This support includes a number of patrons and a number of beauty.

4, DV and a related items. Activities in the process of image and video shooting.

5, a computer can access the internet.

correlation analysis: 1, the forum is a grassroots gathering place, no matter who may become a network celebrity, everyone has vanity, must meet this vanity.

2, Valentine’s Day approaching, the selection of Valentine’s day so many people headache.

3, for fear of strange things, and through a friend to be able to relieve the psychological.

activity name: It ‘s your day

interpretation: cafe in forum post said: will be voted in the name of a person every day, as long as the forum and this name to the cafe together to participate in free coffee grinding, production, taste. In this process, will take pictures, video. Put the scene on the network and related works for auction. And the person in the previous election who voted for the next issue. It is also possible to enjoy the honeymoon between the Spring Festival and Valentine’s day.

activities chew head: meet vanity, honeymoon trip, know pretty MM

activity process: 1, the registration of the Hefei forum and the hotline related to the main account number and a number of supporting account, account registration is good, do not immediately put into use, leave their footprints on the posts of others. So that all accounts are not just registered, otherwise easy to be detected. At the same time, all the relevant information to complete the account, including the name (to take meaningful, must not be arbitrary) head (head to live MM for good) information, birth date, etc..

2, the account in the running process, the preparation of the relevant activities of the text. Content >

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