Personal webmaster P1000 on live toil

Hello I’m sun head network administrator Char today to talk about our personal webmaster how to use IP1000 to achieve daily toil, believe that a lot of people are small because the site of low flow and to give up the webmaster this occupation, see this article from the new hope you can cheer up, also welcome you to join our QQ group. 49760077

first of all, I’m going to be out of date. The station received the Forum (I stand PR6 IP8 million you see how much would it be worth it, if you are interested in can sell you a cheaper) of this message to friend to apologize, I didn’t mean to cheat you, I just want to test the toil effect, promote the proposal of fish, the graph king the forum message sending interval time limit you. I hope you can forgive me. Thank you!


1 to collect the same information with your website forum (preferably to find some more active forum)

2 to send messages by forum members Forum (recommended by the GreenBrowser browser, because it comes form plug-in function. According to the alt+Q will not copy, paste steps, it is worth noting that don’t repeat to a member or moderator send message, the message content you can according to their own website to write advertising

I forget about 2 hours can be sent about 1500 messages advertising words written good return rate can be as high as%90 or more

urged you not recklessly meaningless advertising. Promote the value of others is the last word


will become garbage flow, I’ve made no mistake recklessly ads hope you don’t follow the walk this road.

head net (Char)


address of the first address of this network: (reprint please keep)

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