Plan the Mid Autumn Festival micro channel marketing campaigns

now many stores catering, hotel industry, chain enterprises started WeChat marketing in the WeChat platform, the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, many enterprises are to mid autumn festival micro channel activities, so the author will talk about the next mid autumn micro channel activity plan how to write


is the Mid Autumn Festival, is a traditional festival China, embody the festival features in WeChat marketing, don’t just think of it as a gimmick, the masses have sharp eyes, is not really able to let consumers feel good meaning of the festival, everyone is very easy to feel. I have seen such a sentence: "the need to give people the desire to make people look forward to." The same is true when doing WeChat marketing. In order to allow consumers to buy goods desire. Of course, this is just to provide you with a basic idea, so that we consciously do mid autumn WeChat marketing planning this thing.

specifically, in the Mid Autumn Festival micro channel activity planning scheme, people need to have a clear idea of the background analysis: need to pay attention to those points? Market analysis is what? Marketing idea is what? What are the good product marketing strategy? What is the Mid Autumn Festival creative marketing promotion strategy? What? The Mid Autumn Festival micro letter activities to achieve what kind of effect? These are the need for detailed thinking in writing the mid autumn festival marketing plan. However, these angles are analyzed from the point of view of thinking, vertical cable technology for everyone to talk about is how to combine the depth of WeChat’s public platform to plan.

1, creative

creativity is the most basic level of every planner. As a qualified WeChat marketing plan, should be of two minds ": confidence, determination and perseverance; creative and be happy. It is important to have their own unique ideas, if you really do not know how to do, you can give yourself such as quantitative, a day to come up with 30 ideas, or do not eat, to force yourself, so to write a good mid autumn festival creative marketing plan, can let the young fashion WeChat users will find everything fresh and new.

from what aspects to think of it, I believe that you can reflect the characteristics of the public platform from WeChat and the meaning of the Mid Autumn Festival to do. For example: the consumer opens the WeChat public platform, can float some lanterns, lanterns on WeChat users can guess lantern riddles game, guess how many lantern riddles can obtain a refined cake, will share the results to the WeChat circle of friends also have the chance to get a custom moon cake.

2, preparation

How do

preparation? To collect relevant information, industry information, competitor information, understand the market, understand the cultural background of the Mid Autumn Festival, make the corresponding data report, so as to make the micro letter mid autumn festival event planning reasonable, can make out targeted marketing solutions.

as far as I know, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival has a lot of companies began to plan Mid Autumn Festival WeChat marketing. It is clear that the market competition of the whole industry will be very intense

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