Analysis of concrete thinking in the operation of the amazing copy of the power

product operation has a very important link, is to write their own products or services, the purpose is to attract the attention of the target user, and thus have a desire to understand. However, in reality, we can see that a lot of copies are dead in the vast sea of people, and sometimes spent a lot of money, and finally even a sound did not hear. As the company is sometimes not very at you, don’t know where is the problem? Like this puzzle, there are many business friends asked if CSI, let me answer, the answer is a copy, you package no highlights, at first glance did not catch the user or with us today! The title is not enough to answer your copy as


we know that people are emotional animal, is easy to see what the what one sees and hears about new things or hear what interesting news, all love to understand. If we can follow this line of thought to create their own copy, then your work will be very easy to stimulate the interests of users, and ultimately your purpose will be achieved.

but a lot of time our products have specific, but also virtual, how do we go to the user’s interest points and then enlarge it? There are actually two layers of meaning: to find points of interest and amplification!

said the first one: find points of interest;


In fact,

analysis of the needs of users in the operation of the website where he has more than one article and we analyzed, here do not do in-depth development, you want to know before you can see my article. But we must know why to find points of interest, because the point of interest to ensure that users can not hate our copy, essentially because users of this demand, and we copy packing direction is from the user needs to refine out, so don’t worry about the direction of deviation;

for example: the sale of mobile phones, we can extract a lot of requirements, such as sound quality, screen display, battery, processor, memory, pixel, cell phone thickness…… What we need to do is to list these requirements as a backup, as far as possible to filter out the most concerned about the needs of users, you find the more accurate, then the effect of the more the better!

so far, we just completed the first step, this step is actually a lot of buddy operation can be completed well, then enter the key, the difference between God and white often here, dry cargo is coming, are you ready?

second we want to focus on is: enlarge, or that the professional point of "concrete thinking". Why do you say that?


because of this society, you want to independent groups, you want to be completely inconsistent with others to do something that is almost impossible, unless you can own invention to create something new, and this is something the user is also very interested, but after all this genius.

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