Developers experience to talk about the construction of the public WeChat number of those things

[core tips] to build a flow, there are benefits WeChat public number which need to pay attention to a place where a developer personally teach their operating experience.

two days before the "WeChat cancel push" the news a lot from the media to raise a Babel of criticism of, be frightened and change color smell. Although the morning Tencent official rumor news, but in fact in the construction of WeChat public number on this matter, since the media and developers are actually in Fetlers dancing. WeChat public platform for the public number of users is very limited, and once the developers have irregularities, was immediately banned. Unless you have a WeChat internal channels to find people to help, almost no other complaints channel.

during this time I have been responsible for the company’s micro signal project, and a front-end engineer to complete the development of micro signal, testing and operation. At the same time as a test, I also opened a public number to play of the same name, interested friends can search "Luzern (micro signal iluzern) to flirt. On the whole, I still have a little say in this respect.

development process is like a multi-level lock


In fact, WeChat

development is very simple, the interface is pretty good, with a basic understanding of the C language can be developed.

public platform messaging interface for developers to provide users with the ability to interact with the message. To successfully access the message interface of the public accounts, when the user sends a message to the public number, WeChat public platform server will use HTTP request to access the URL of the message push, the third party server through the response packet reply to specific structure, so as to achieve the purpose of reply message.


message interface WeChat support for the user to push the text, pictures, location, link information and event push (currently only supports custom menu); also support micro signal on the user’s keyword information corresponding to reply text, music, video and graphic information.

is more than the primary function, that is, when we have just entered the public numbers have. Next, the WeChat team in March this year launched a custom menu features, as follows:


function can enhance the frequency of interactions between the user and the public, to a large extent, the media public number more than this function for review and activities (such as City Pictorial); the public number of tools will be the main function directly in the custom menu (such as express 100).


custom function out, WeChat public number App attribute is very obvious. However, it is very difficult to apply for this feature, unless you are more well-known developers or media. This has already suspended the beta application.

above functions have developers can

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