Stationmaster net daily broadcast Dangdang two shuffle group purchase and selling

Dangdang twice "fake" electric commercial war torn fake

in the retail network of cake on every business enterprise, suffered a blow and a shout.

on the evening of June 19th, CCTV two sets of consumer advocate column, the domestic electricity supplier companies Dangdang sale fake Casio exposure. June 2011, Dangdang has also been due to licensing issues, caught in the whirlpool of illegal sales of Casio.

June 20th, Dangdang senior public relations director Guo He responded that, the company has set up an audit team, led by the vice president of the Department, immediately to conduct a comprehensive inspection of all goods involved. In order to ensure the interests of consumers, all goods have been handled. Before the results were not identified, the inconvenience to comment on the matter, but in order to protect the interests of consumers, if consumers have return requirements, Dangdang support full refund."

Dangdang to sell fake event, only a tear off the electricity supplier industry fake problem a small hole. Industry observers, Sinopharm holdings e-commerce project manager Lu Zhenwang said, Dangdang is not a special case, the electricity supplier companies selling fakes, is a common phenomenon in the industry, has been there for many years. The reason for the problem is that the fake electricity supplier, the electricity supplier industry is lack of the necessary regulatory and legal constraints".

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Dangdang twice "fake" electric commercial war torn fake

used car website continues to hold close to the car and information flow

in the near future, the major auto web site began to develop second-hand car business, indicates that the automotive industry to force the network used car. According to iResearch iResearch launched a continuous user behavior research system users iUserTracker latest data show that the current monthly coverage of the used car service in 20 million. Compared with the overall Internet users, higher monthly household income accounted for a relatively large number of visitors. From the flow of the site can be found in the relationship between the main used car sites and automotive information website links jump closer.

nearly half of the number of monthly coverage of second-hand car service shows a more optimistic growth momentum: nearly half a year increase in 6 or more. In particular, in February this year, the first time after the introduction of the new car website ushered in the peak of the Spring Festival, the scale of the user climbed to nearly 22 million people, which may be related to the strong demand for Internet users in the years after the replacement of vehicles.

user attribute data show that, compared with the overall Internet users, Internet users concerned about the car by a relatively high monthly income. Used car and car information about the visitor’s income distribution is roughly the same, household monthly income of more than 6000 yuan in the proportion of users in more than 4. The higher the proportion of high-income users in the car manufacturers, more than 6000 yuan monthly household income of up to $46%. Can be seen, there are many fans of automotive information, and car manufacturers to cover more consumer and consumer awareness of the brand >

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