How to protect users against phishing scams

now, the hottest place is the stock market, the average of every 13 Chinese people have stocks in the stock market, said that China has entered the era of all stocks are not too much for the past 1. However, the vast majority of people are still accustomed to the stock exchange trading, the stock market through the Internet very few people. Online stock trading unique "convenient transaction, a large amount of information, follow the market, powerful computer aided analysis system" and other advantages, is really not exchange in the crowded and complicated roads? Why are investors who go to crowded bridge? In fact, not only is the unpopularity of the online stock trading online trading, online banking and other almost all through the network of financial transactions, seem to be able to achieve the desired effect.

exactly who is blinded by the user’s attention? What are they worried about?

online transactions provide a more attractive target for phishing attacks. If you do not think of ways to stay away from phishing attacks, you will encounter the most direct economic losses. Global fishing case since 2005, is growing at an annual rate of more than 200%, deceived users up to 5%. The data also show that in 2006 China (mainland) caused by the main harm of the virus, the password stolen up to 13.1%, of which a variety of phishing viruses and viruses occupy a large proportion of the combination.

this has been suspected by users of online banking, online securities and other online financial transactions, is undoubtedly worse. Because once suffered financial related phishing attack, will cause very direct economic losses.

also recently used "phishing" technique, such as the establishment of a fake website or send e-mail messages containing fraud, illegal and criminal activities to steal online banking, online securities or other electronic business users account password to steal money increasing. For example, there had been a fake bank website, at (the real address is, criminals use the characteristics of digital "1" and the letter "I" is very similar to deceive the careless users. The user once caught, the consequences as can be imagined.

because of the safety consciousness of the majority of users are relatively weak, vigilance is not so high, in front of the various techniques caught phishing attacks has become possible. In order to reduce unnecessary economic losses, not to let their wallet net become a lot of choice.

if financial institutions from their own point of view to prevent online attacks, to help customers as far away from phishing attacks, I believe that the loss of ordinary users would like to online transactions. Of course, the most important thing is to solve the speed of phishing attacks should be fast enough, because the longer the phishing site, the greater the risk may be caused.

transaction process can foresee the risk and how to avoid network fraud?

online trading process, it is difficult to accurately

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