Ma Huateng WeChat and QQ has become the foundation of mass communication tools for the development o

the development of the Internet has now entered a deep water area, there is no reference."


source: Wuzhen world internet conference site

November 18th, the board of directors of the Tencent chairman and CEO Ma Huateng entitled "Internet innovation and corporate responsibility to explore" the speech at the third session of the World Conference on the Internet, Ma Huateng in his speech, combined with the development of Tencent, corporate responsibility is discussed.

Ma Huateng mentioned in his speech, Tencent just over 18 years old birthday last week, is an adult ceremony". Being an adult means taking on more responsibility.

Tencent has three points of responsibility, first of all, users and employees. Ma Huateng said that in the initial period of only a few of the founder, the most basic liability of Tencent is to survive, occupation development channel to join the company’s employees have a stable, and the key is how to make the customer satisfied.

followed by the development of the industry, the construction of ecological innovation, promote the development of the industry. Over the past few years, the Tencent focusing on their core business, the "half life" to build an open ecological industry partners. This tree is not a Tencent, but became a forest.

third is a platform and social responsibility. Tencent products such as WeChat and QQ has become a basic tool for national communications, in addition to do their own products and businesses, a lot of people’s livelihood and security issues related to society, it is no longer something special. To this end, Tencent established a website, hotline and product reporting channels, timely treatment of illegal and harmful information reported by the public. Since 2016, the Tencent acceptance and disposal of bad information users report amounted to 17 million times, but also to build a WeChat rumor platform, the introduction of professional institutions, strict processing of all kinds of illegal information. At the same time, Tencent has also set up a security management team, joint industry partners to work together to combat network telecommunications fraud.

In addition to

, Tencent is also actively involved in public welfare undertakings, ten years ago, the establishment of a charitable foundation, through this platform and social networking, the thousands of NGO organizations and Internet users connected. Tencent also launched the 99 public day, and I hope it will become a whole industry, the whole network of public welfare platform.

in the general assembly of the internet photo exhibition, Tencent to showcase the WeChat electronic payment donation box, QQ IOT children shoes police scheme, social security card and electronic camera robot technology and products. In addition, the Tencent also issued a report on China’s Internet users network literacy 2016, focusing on network literacy research and education.

Ma Huateng said that the evolution of an enterprise’s responsibility, but the foundation will not change, is to allow employees to grow, life is good, so that users have a safe and easy to use products. WeChat received awards for scientific and technological achievements in this conference, which is both encouragement and responsibility.

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