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in recent years, the state has introduced a number of policies to support the development of cultural industries, the film industry. Especially in June 2014, the "notice" on the development of certain economic policies to support the film’s release, proposed by the special funds of cultural industry, tax preference, construction of theater set up a fund subsidies, support the development of the film industry. The development of the film industry ushered in a period of dividend policy. 2014 Chinese film industry revenue 29 billion 639 million yuan, compared with the box office in 2013 was an increase of 36.15% in the Chinese economy under the new normal, for the past fourth years to maintain a high growth rate of 30%. At present, the film industry overall prosperity, but for the future of the film industry, Bona Film Group Chairman Yu Dong in the "2014 Sohu financial reform summit said that the next 10 years, the film company will face strong capital Internet Co coerced, mergers and acquisitions, and said:" the future of the film company BAT will work".


with the continuous growth of the income of the residents, the film consumer demand is activated. Watching film consumption has become a social, lifestyle, loved by the public. The movie audience with an average age of 21, is a group of young Internet aborigines, in a variety of Internet applications, the ability to accept new things, is the video site, online ticketing website users. In recent years, the Internet industry has a huge impact on the film industry chain, a comprehensive subversion of the film industry. The Internet movie companies such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, rapid development, companies use their own advantages, strong user platform advantage and capital advantage, to the development and operation of the film quality IP, traditional film business theme, production, marketing, distribution and screening have brought tremendous impact. The integration of the Internet and the film industry continues to increase, resulting in the Internet of film distribution, film marketing, electricity supplier and other new business models.

can be seen from the table, Internet companies have strong into the film and television. Film music as the first positioning itself as "the Internet Movie companies. In 2014 the investment in the film "old boy’s way of the dragon" is regarded as a typical "netx film works", at the box office over 200 million. Alibaba in 2014 to enter the high-profile movie industry, founded in June 2014, Ali pictures, investment in the film "dear" was 342 million at the box office; in January 11, 2015, Ali pictures released by micro-blog popular fiction author Zhang Jiajia cross, served as the director producer Wong Kar Wai, Tony Leung starred in his first movie "the ferryman".


film market, the Internet is more and more cross-border wind blowing, the Internet and the film industry mergers and acquisitions to become a craze for the film industry has brought subversion, change and opportunities, challenges. The strong influx of Internet companies make the Internet Film and television companies will become the main force in the future of the film industry.

Internet companies and the integration of the film industry mergers and acquisitions has become an important trend in the future development of film companies >

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