How big is the adult web site on the nternet

Internet users, how much will have access to adult sites. This is a universally acknowledged fact.

but this is an area that is difficult to penetrate because there is little data. We know that adult sites are those with high traffic on the Internet site. According to the Google Ad Planner DoubleClick services (tracking users via cookie) shows that the global Top 500 site, there are several adult sites. Xvideos (Reddit, PV), the world’s largest porn site, has a 3 page web page per month (Page Views,), which is CNN times more than the ESPN news site, and is twice as long as it is. LiveJasmin is not small. In addition to Google and Facebook stations and other sites on the YouPorn, Tube8 and PornHub face is pale into insignificance by comparison.


is a good starting point for web browsing, they only tell us that some porn sites are more popular than some non pornographic websites. 4 billion of the PV, sounds a lot, but when we put those X station users actually do things to take into account, the size and scale of the adult website is a little bright.



porn sites and non pornographic web site is the difference between the average residence time visitors. The average residence time for news sites such as Engadget is 3 – to 6 minutes, or about reading an article of 1 – 2. However, the residence time of porn sites is about 15 – 20 minutes.

Most of the

website is the main content of the text and images, while the adult is video station. ExtremeTech home full load is about a few megabytes of data, open an article, about 500kb data. Access to pornographic sites, assuming that it is open a 480× 200 low resolution video, transmission of data per second KB 100. 15 minutes, then it is about 90 MB data.

Xvideos has 350 million visits per month, multiplied by a MB of about $29 per month, that is about $50 PB per month, or about GB per second. In contrast, your network connection may be transmitted two trillion per second (2 MB), Xvideos is your home of 25000 times.

in short, porn sites are dealing with astronomical data. In the original bandwidth (Raw Bandwidth), can rival the site, it is only YouTube or Hulu, but YouPorn is 6 times the Hulu. < >

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