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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) July 2nd news, Internet TV box once again become the focus of public opinion. Last week, the court of Beijing, Haidian, as the case as the case of millet millet box piracy series of cases of sentencing, LETV win, and millet box need to bear the joint responsibility for piracy. Court millet company compensation LETV loss 150 thousand yuan.

According to the Haidian court

relevant information, in the case of millet LETV prosecute violations of their right to information broadcast ten works, "The Flowers Of War", "I am special forces", "benevolence", "when her mother met Mom", "help" men, "under the Hawthorn Tree", "lock Jade Palace" 7 film and television works, the court millet company to compensate for the loss of 150 thousand yuan letv. Millet company argued that the company is only millet box manufacturers, vendors, not the implementation of infringement.

then millet official said in a statement, millet access video content legal compliance, through to the iCNTV the future of television, music as company and iCNTV future of television has been content partnerships, because the music as boxes and TVs in the broadcast control and video content is not strictly comply with the electricity management, iCNTV future of television has been terminated with as the company’s license partnership, but the content of cooperation to continue in accordance with the original contract.

according to the requirements SARFT 181 files, millet box must have a license and Internet TV broadcast control platform for cooperation, and can only access video content via broadcast control platform, to protect legal compliance. Millet box has always been to maintain a cooperative relationship with the future of television ICNTV. In this lawsuit, millet box is actually the second defendant, the first defendant is iCNTV. ICNTV future TV is currently the mainstream of Internet TV broadcast control platform for millet, music, HUAWEI and other mainstream Internet TV service providers to provide or have ever been authorized to provide support and services.

millet music as a statement yesterday, as the company said, as with the Internet TV broadcast control license side of CCTV CNTV’s future TV cooperation has never been terminated. Millet afraid to face judgment, trying to evade legal responsibility, not only remorse and apology, but on the relationship between music and partners of discord, to discredit the infringed party. Millet company’s bad behavior is outrageous! It seems to have become millet and music as a public relations battle!

millet in the final analysis is only implicated parties. However, from the music as a statement issued by the view of millet seems to have become the first defendant. It seems that people have forgotten the real first defendant iCNTV, one side has said that the parties have stopped cooperation never stopped, the problem is where?. It seems so far did not see the iCNTV statement, just with the music as millet in the fighting! So why not put to music by millet and not to mention iCNTV? Perhaps because the same as competitors, as the saying goes to peer friends say! "

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