The Linktalk plugin vulnerability UCHOME founder identity was discovered the suspected fraudulent us

open-source network 11:16 last night received friends broke the news, said he used the company’s products Comsenz UCHOME set up the local community website appeared a strange phenomenon: someone shaking heaven and earth landed him to install UCHOME plug-in Linktalk not only with his founder’s identity, and his friends in chat. The users immediately rushed to modify the founder’s password, but later found out that he was able to log in, and even provocative and the network users in the interactive stand up (see below).



"a person, not my site, click on his head, jump to other sites. However, he can chat with my website members, they are not doing a cross site communication ah?. According to such a program to understand the user speculated that the vulnerability should appear on the Linktalk. To press time before the official did not find any response Linktalk. The user has temporarily uninstall the Linktalk. In this, the open source plug-in network to remind you to use the UCHOME program to build the SNS site webmaster, in order to be safe, if the installation of the Linktalk instant chat program can be temporarily stopped using or off. It is expected that Linktalk officials will take effective measures to prevent the potential security risks will not have a disastrous impact on many SNS sites.

news release in the open source plug-in network: Fid-3-id-176-page-1.htm

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