Baidu’s original owner hemophilia turmoil in the court

reporter Zhou Songqing Chongqing reported


(Nasdaq:BIDU) commercial Post Bar still had the aftermath of the storm.

late on the night of February 27th, as hemophilia bar bar owners "ant food" (net) in hemophilia. Post said, in February 26th received the new city of Xi’an City People’s court summons, Liu Shaanxi in violation of its reputation on the grounds that the ant food court.

January 2016, Baidu Post Bar "hemophilia" experienced a storm of commercialization, the original owner of "Shandong laobalu" (net) and "ant food" has been replaced, the new owner was questioned by purchase qualification. In the meantime, the ants in dishes also know the website published an article will be directed at the Shaanxi Medical Research Institute Dean Liu Shanxi hemophilia. January 12th, Baidu posted on the popular disease bar was sold to issue a public notice: the disease kind of stick to stop business cooperation, only open to the authority of public welfare organizations.

Baidu said in a statement after the meeting, as a result of a large number of stick polymerization a lot of precision, subdivision of the user base, making it a lot of high popularity of natural marketing value. Especially it has commercial properties in the vertical category Post Bar disease categories, there are individual owners and staff duties will publish business information and seek personal interests of the. These violations not only hurt the friends of the experience and interests, but also disturb the normal management of the stick inside." Post Bar event, Baidu rectification, while the establishment of a special team to investigate the cause of the incident.

Shanghai myeongryun lawyer Wang Zhibin told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report said: "it depends on the burden of proof between the two sides, if they can prove that it does exist in the original false statements, and the resulting reputation, the other party is likely to win."

The original owner accused

in the ant dish produce civil complaint on twenty-first Century, Economic Herald reporter saw Liu Shaanxi asked the defendant to stop infringement, a written apology, and restore the reputation of the corresponding network and media, to eliminate the adverse effects; at the same time claim mental damages 10 thousand yuan.

Liu Shaanxi said in January 11th, the defendant was replaced because of Baidu, in order to restore the hemophilia, the main rights of defendants in the right to cheat grounds, a large number of forwarding online hemophilia buyers "the notorious liar, Shaanxi Medical Research Institute Professor Liu Shaanxi haemophilia," in the Acfun video network viewed 51672 times, know on site 33000, Tianya website 25000 times more comprehensive denied 1200 hemophilia treatment, at the same time a large number of network is reproduced, Liu Shaanxi greatly hurt the body and mind, have a serious negative impact on their life and work, reputation and personal dignity.

ant food sighed: "slag body can not go to Shaanxi, also did not have money to hire a good lawyer, I do not even need to prepare what is not very clear, not to mention the medical lawsuit." The ants show on the summons, >

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