09 annual meeting will be held in Anhui webmaster invites you to send blessings

              13:00 today by PHPWIND and Anhui, sponsored by the Internet Alliance Yanhuang Network Co, Chinese station, Admin5 nets, the laggards, China station, WEB development network, China station and other mainstream network media owners involved in support of the "PHPWIND elite salon owners of HeFei Railway Station Anhui station cum 2009 annual meeting will be held in Anhui Hefei five star Holiday Inn Furui, is expected to have more than 400 owners will be associated with the participants, they include Huajun, Wang Xueji, Guo Jijun, Fan Qing, Wang, figure Qian Yu, Wang Hai, Zhou Ning, Hu Yang and other famous guests and owners of Alipay, Taobao, Alibaba group YAHOO executives together to explore" the business community to promote the road to profitability". The conference will explore the current Internet environment, community entrepreneurship, development and promotion, profitability and other issues of concern to the webmaster. The General Assembly invited Zhu Peng and Kang Yiwen SEO experts will through the wonderful case and speak for the wonderful case and experience your webmaster optimization demonstration.   as well as the conference sponsor: new network, firewall and special support unit (Hefei, Hefei, Anhui network group purchase hotline, Anhui recruitment network group purchase network, 52PK network, network game for a long time to get married) elaborate the participants webmaster of exquisite small gifts and surprise lottery, including mobile phone, MP4 and other digital products. I believe this meeting will be filled with a happy atmosphere.   this conference introduces a new software to provide support for the construction of thick SMS interactive system, participants can follow the prompts to send text messages at any time to participate in the meeting of the interaction and draw links. We sincerely welcome friends from all over the site to send the blessing of the next year.               we believe that this meeting will receive from all webmaster attention, at the same time, this event will also be broadcast live throughout Hefei hotline by Sohu IT, chief media support, Tencent technology portal point friendship support, positive attention please you webmaster.         the next year special topic website: http://s.www.admin5.com/article/20090529/154203.shtml.

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