Talking about how to carry out the network marketing of milk powder industry

infant milk powder market is a special industry, users of milk powder can not express their feelings about the product, can only rely on the buyer’s decision to help them choose products that are suitable for users. With the development of society, the consumption behavior of buyers is also quietly changing, the older generation of parenting experience has been gradually abandoned, the new generation of mother more trusted circle, media, friends, doctors and experts. This also led to the milk powder enterprises in order to establish a professional image of a large number of media advertising, get together network, to seize market share.

users want to see the fun in the network, do not like to see ads. And the enterprise, but hope to put in the minimum advertising spread the maximum value of the milk industry? So how to do network marketing to make users happy to accept? What is it? What should notice? Exactly what to do for the milk business? With the above problem, Liu Yu with analysis to you slowly.

milk powder industry currently has two market modules. The first is imported milk powder, milk powder by virtue of its own identity to win the market by domestic milk, a space for one person; to separate the two pieces here, the first is the state-owned enterprises, private enterprises is second. As we all know, this year, China’s milk market will be adjusted to support domestic, to protect the safety of our tongue becomes a major issue. Next, some may be mutually beneficial milk prices will be merged or acquired. After repeated elimination of the market, the rest of the milk prices must be able to do for Chinese children to provide safe rations requirements.

in the face of the current competition in the milk industry, many companies have been caught in a dilemma. That is the lack of mature e-commerce business personnel. Each milk powder brands have their own official website, micro platform, or with Tmall sales platform, but the lack of professional operations. Lead to a lot of platform image and content can not be unified communication. The new generation of mom and dad is the main decision makers of infant milk powder, these people are doing what they are accompanied by a generation of network growth, and even buy a garbage bag, buy a rice on the network. They can not be separated from the network, while they are a generation of independent personality, the concept of the old generation of children has been difficult to accept, they get information is a centralized platform network. Consumers are mainly concentrated in the network, then the network is our business a hotly contested spot.

in the process of network marketing, content marketing is the top priority. Understanding the psychological needs of consumers in different stages of different content can affect the target population. These can not be separated from the early planning of careful planning. Planning is the foundation of network marketing success. To understand the consumer psychology and concerns through the investigation to the industry, and competitor research, in order to accurately extract the core selling point of their products, will combine consumer attention and their own characteristics can do attractive communication. For example, the new pre marketing, experiential marketing will be more effective. Because consumer spending habits have been formed to give infants and young children to milk powder need to consider the adaptability. At the same time the new brand, they do not trust.

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