Biography Jingdong will push Beijing brand modeled Amoy brand strategy


] February 20th news billion state power network, the sources revealed to billion state power network, the Jingdong in the mall will be launched this year to support their major strategy: "Beijing brand", a number of Jingdong to complete mall relying on the brand, the strategy will be fully modeled or Amoy brand.

this, Jingdong mall responded that Jingdong welcomes qualified third party sellers to open POP platform to open a shop, but also provide the appropriate services and resources to help the rapid growth of the seller of the third party. In terms of management standards, Jingdong equally; but for the good quality of the product, the market potential of the manufacturer or brand, Jingdong mall will consider the introduction of appropriate support policies. At present, the specific standards and implementation plan is still brewing.

According to

billion state power network to understand, Liu Qiangdong recently said in an internal e-mail, the future commercial disputes is inevitable platform war, is behind the value of the war, and the Jingdong to build a shopping mall in Ali platform. However, the current Jingdong POP platform is difficult to form a complete ecosystem, Tmall mall has not reached the order of magnitude. However, the day before the Jingdong store the successful financing of $700 million, has offered the opportunity for it by supporting the "Beijing brand" to the development of POP platform.

Although the

Jingdong of Beijing brand support policy has not been formally introduced, but many businesses are ready to apply for the first generation of Beijing, hoping to get the brand, channel, brand, logistics and other support.

industry insiders revealed to billion state power network, the Jingdong of this strategy completely emulate Ali Amoy brand strategy. Jingdong will maintain the core competitiveness of proprietary business and 3C business, and the future of the POP platform will become the stage of small businesses such as Beijing brand.

The sources also

billion state power network to analysis the necessity of Jingdong to support Beijing mall launched brand strategy.

first, Jingdong mall POP platform after a period of time after the development of a large number of small and medium businesses have the resources. The integration of these businesses to become an important platform for the development of resources. Amoy brand precedent for Jingdong mall provides an excellent textbook. Once the Beijing brand to create a successful influence, will revitalize the entire Jingdong mall POP platform. Jingdong from China Merchants mall will also charge a service fee, rent and other aspects of profit.

secondly, Jingdong mall to improve their control of the settled merchants. Although the rapid development of Jingdong mall, but its ability to invest and control the quality of the business and the presence of Ali Department of electronic business platform gap. Although many brands have been settled in the mall Jingdong, but a series of brands to withdraw from the mall Jingdong event, but also shows that at a critical moment Jingdong mall has no control over the brand. As a result, it is better to compete with the brand and other brands such as Ali to create Beijing brand resources, will be closely linked to the interests of its brand and the impact and closely linked to the Jingdong mall, with a clear impression of Jingdong mall.

third, Jingdong mall pop platform to continue expansion and development. Jingdong does not meet its POP platform is just a traffic >

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