After the lonely scenery see Tencent business these years in exile

yesterday evening, Tencent technology message said, the integration of and Tencent micro-blog team, to explore in the news and social integration, and the micro micro operations teams established separately depending on the product department. In fact, Tencent micro-blog was abandoned, but today officially announced.


, I just want to say, with different life!!! How many in the Tencent seem scenery four mixed friends, now only to various department of business group, or even directly sold to other companies.

said it is a bitter tears, so not into the Tencent to sleep without any anxiety. Let us look at the recent years to be given up several major Tencent business.

1 Tencent micro-blog

In fact,

as early as April of this year, the author in the know read a post "why Tencent also refused to give up the Tencent micro-blog?", a friend lost a tasteless gesture, in fact, really is the case, micro-blog Tencent will not die, but never too hot.

a "born" name, is Sina micro-blog pressed tightly, can not stand up. Tencent micro-blog essentially too much like QQ space, all the acquaintances, but also want to be a stranger dating attention to imitate Sina micro-blog, then became the "grass mud horse".

the reason is unclear, the user experience is poor, wanted to anonymous said, finally written in the Tencent micro-blog like streaking the same.

2 Tencent electricity supplier

Tencent before why everywhere investment of resources will be integrated to the electricity supplier, electricity supplier business? It is said that in 2010 the Tencent suddenly found a user electricity supplier is very important in the life scenes on the Internet, said it can be independent of a new platform and ecological. And the importance of this ecological need not talk about, if not controlled by the Tencent, Tencent is a very dangerous thing.

so, in 2010, more than the layout of the electricity supplier, in the periphery to pull up the line of defense. But then, after Tencent has WeChat, its business in a step by step penetration of electricity providers, imagination growing. This time let Jingdong access WeChat, including the current access to QQ, the Jingdong’s value chain in the Tencent system.

this time, Tencent do not need to do their own electricity supplier. Money is not necessarily successful, it is better to pull the Jingdong together on the dry ali.

3 Tencent through

was heard when incorporated into Sogou SOSO Tencent, I feel some incredible, never buy other people’s Tencent also began to give up their own business. In fact, the merger is not only the search business, as well as Tencent input method.

Tencent search for 8 years, has always been bland, the main reason is the search from the beginning of defensive products. The parties want to search time to grab a piece of cake, no defense to attack soso, leather own life.

4 Tencent micro life

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