Jiaduobao is derivative of entrepreneurial thinking caused by the huge penalty

today, a claim to 2 billion 930 million to jiaduobao gphl news headlines. So, from the back of this news, we can see the entrepreneurial opportunities of the Internet can not see the opportunity to start micro business? The answer is yes, I’ll share with you my thoughts.

in recent years JDB this product why so fire? Because of sound and good cooperation? Because hit heavily in marketing? Of course, these are not the main reason. The main reason is that the herbal tea market behind the fire demand. This is the demand that the herbal tea is increasingly popular, because it can solve the fire demand jiaduobao. Like millet phone hot, hunger marketing is not the main reason. Because millet phone to solve the needs of low-end users.

well, find the fire demand, how can we use the Internet to better solve the demand? Sell jiaduobao in online? Certainly not, homogenization too serious. Another idea is to sell products in the online fire. Through the analysis of the deficiencies jiaduobao products, industrial products have found jiaduobao as additive, somewhat adverse effects on the body. If we sell a natural fire products on the Internet, not only solve the fire demand, but also the formation of competitive differentiation and jdb.

will search through the native, I found a fire specialty of pomelo. And now is the time derivative of rapid development, through the micro business to sell fire products, solve the line of fire demand. This is perhaps the most simple from the line to the online O2O case.


was sentenced to compensate the jiaduobao from news, having found the micro entrepreneurs of the Internet, the most important is how to promote the products of pomelo. I will continue to share some of my promotion and dry cargo to you today.

through the years of network marketing research, I discovered a phenomenon that I take the initiative to promote our products, the success rate is often very low, while the customer came to me to buy the product, the success rate of natural high. I believe a lot of the forum every day to send ads every day to manually add fans who have experience. Things are quickly deleted, the fans of the powder rate is also very high, the final marketing effect is still very poor.

so the question is, how to let customers to take the initiative to buy our products, the initiative to add our WeChat?. Take just the WeChat selling souvenirs of pomelo, as long as we write some of the effectiveness of pomelo form through the soft, and then released in the target group of the media, and then leave your WeChat in the end.

I believe that in such a way, the initiative to add our WeChat people certainly a lot of people to take the initiative to buy will increase. Because we are through the authority of the article in the form of product function and will tell the customer, this demand is real, so naturally easy sales, since the performance.

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