Jingdong released super net consumer report 80 90 partial family to enjoy

days ago, Jingdong jointly issued a "consumer behavior China based online supermarket Research Report (2016)", big data analysis showed that 80 and 90 become the main consumer groups online supermarket, 80, 90 after the partial consumption of partial family, enjoy.

data show that the age of the user in the online supermarket shopping behavior personalized trend is obvious. After 80 show the characteristics of the mature family shopping, bought more than 50% of maternal and child supplies; 90 are more willing to pay for a protective makeup, after the purchase of 70 is focused on food and beverage. It is worth mentioning that, after 90 men, 80 men than women of the same age prefer to buy cosmetics, of course, there are many to buy their own half.

online supermarket users, women accounted for 70%. Although the number of women dominant, but Jingdong big data show that men buy buy more willing to spend money in the future. The Jingdong "white" as an example, online supermarket consumer credit users, males accounted for more than 20% higher than women, of which 80 male is more significant. Jingdong supermarket every ten orders, there is a man in the 80 to purchase food and drink or nursing makeup goods used in IOUs to pay.

network supermarket orders peak in the "pre work" and "bedtime" period, 11, 17 and 23 points are peak. 10 – 11 is a single peak of imported snacks and facial mask skin care products, this time because of the proximity to work, the efficiency is not high, white-collar workers often use this time to go shopping".


data show that the first half of this year, Wuhan white-collar workers to buy the most is the local brand snacks – Ichiban shop; a cosmetic brand, Wuhan people’s favorite domestic brand Liushen, most love skin care brand is L’OREAL; at the same time, Wuhan in favor of a more diaper brand on the American brand of curiosity.

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