Where the net transfer of 1 yuan 50% equity is speculation or otherwise

news May 17th, the netizen told reporters, the domestic well-known vertical travel search portal where the network released "where net 1 yuan escrow where net 50% shares of the post, has caused widespread concern about the industry.

where reporters in the network community to see, where to network CEO has released the following in the official community in the post: "1 yuan escrow where net 50% shares (www.quna.com), designated enterprises: Baidu, Sina, Taobao, Tencent, 360, Sohu, NetEase has recognized the Ctrip enterprise CEO. The founder or friends to help contact; where the equity structure of 2 people, no foreign venture capital is in sustained profitability. I am CEO and founder, as good as gold, if there is a legal dispute package win, contact: Email:[email protected]" There are users who doubt the purpose of posting the network in order to attract the user’s eye, take the opportunity to hype.

The reporter then contacted the

where the network responsible person Yuan Jingen, for users questioned the court general told reporters that the post is not to hype, but better development for the company, where the network since its inception in 2003, customer resources and partners have been developing well, the development of the companies has been stable, the team good profit, but the development has a certain bottleneck, needs to have the resources and strength of the company to cooperate or integrate resources seeking greater development opportunities.

according to iResearch consulting statistics, in 2010 China online travel booking market size of 6 billion 160 million yuan, compared to 2009’s $3 billion 890 million an increase of 58.4%. Industry experts pointed out that several domestic tourism vertical search portal at present although quite intense, but Chinese tourism market in the future development of space is still very large, who can occupy more market by future resources and strength, where net 1 yuan to sell 50% of the shares of industry shocks remains to be seen.

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