Buy certification details disclosure the first registration deadline October 22nd

October 18th, formulated by the Ministry of Commerce China International Electronic Commerce Center of China’s first "electronic business credit certification rules", has completed the five round of comments, the first batch of site certification application has been started, the deadline for October 22nd. The rules for the current group buying risk, put forward a clear regulatory measures.

this rule is a major highlight of the electricity supplier credit line. Consumers in the online shopping, do not know the solvency of the store, it is easy to fall into the online shopping trap". Electricity supplier credit line credit limit is the main indicator of the ability to reflect the solvency of the object, the certification of the object’s assets and credit score determined. Within a certain period of time, the total amount of consumer transactions within the credit limit, it is considered safe. Beyond the line of credit, consumers should be vigilant.

China business credit platform official Zhang said, buy site should be clearly marked on the front page of the credit line, the amount of the amount of each order is clear, in order to control the risk."

online shopping disputes, rights has always been a headache for consumers. The shop "disappeared", "loafing" phenomenon often appears, spent a lot of time and energy consumers, the final results still can not get compensation. In response to this phenomenon, the rules for the development of consumer complaints supervision mechanism". Consumers in the event of a dispute, you can make a complaint directly through the China business credit platform, every action will.

China business credit platform will also be taken for complaints, real name acceptance and limited processing". Chinese business credit platform responsible person Zhang Ge said, "in order to prevent competitors between malicious complaints, we will only accept real complaints, on the other hand will handle complaints feedback to business, business and other law enforcement departments, and save to China business credit platform, which will form a certain deterrent, greatly improve the site’s cost of fraud."

it is understood that after China’s e-commerce related laws and regulations only "Internet information services management approach" "network behavior of commodity trading and related services interim measures" "on promoting the healthy development of online shopping guidance", the electricity supplier certification standards, focus on the core problem of the electronic commerce credit expansion this is the first time in the country. (Lei Feng)

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