Daily topic burn of the video industry in addition to the fight to fight big data

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network news March 5th, iResearch data show that in January 2014 iUserTracker and mUsertracker data show that the first month of 2014, Iqiyi PPS monthly users in PC and mobile video coverage reached 309 million and 94 million respectively, continue to maintain the first position in the industry, and continue to expand the lead.

In the past two years

video industry in the past is always bustling. First, Youku and potatoes into the video industry overlord; then Iqiyi +PPS but also to compete for hegemony; even the layman Suning also to kick PPTV inserted in her arms, it suddenly becomes Sohu alone with no date. This recent news video in Tencent to find backers at Sohu, but after Zhang Zhaoyang in the Sohu micro-blog officially denied, he said: "the rumor that the Sohu Tencent video video to merge, I can responsibly tell you, no matter." Alas, the Sohu has always wanted to do the first, always grasp the opportunity ah!

video industry has been regarded as "burn money" industry. Iqiyi, excellent soil and Sohu is also in a number of reshuffle to survive. Like Iqiyi behind the godfather is powerful and PPS such a match is not afraid of Sohu, Sohu had thrown a few blocks. But honestly Sohu really have a sense of crisis, LETV also look at fiercely as a tiger does.

than the video industry is burn". The key is to burn the money fast, hard to earn for the current video industry, advertising is the core of the source of income. Even so there are still a lot of sites are not profitable, is excellent soil also announced earnings. After 8 years of "burning", finally achieved the first quarter earnings is not easy!! said the video is a heavy investment industry is not wrong, but the capital is not sufficient, but necessary condition. Even the capital threshold is so high, the industry is still too many players. So you have to fight, or have to rely on the full market competition to make the industry more healthy.

Change of

content production is gradually approaching the future: who really mastered the influential video website, who mastered the nearest large video content from consumer groups, so as to grasp the initiative in producing high-quality content. As the story, Iqiyi’s "green heat" mirror "based on such large data products, actually let us can glimpse the revolution reflected: we know more than the script writer, director of film and television content" urine "and" pain points ", we can even according to the preferences generated short version of the content; all of this, are no longer dependent on individual genius, but a massive user data analysis.

said the big data and think of the "house of cards", in the end is not as Netflix, is a big data oratorio, remains controversial, but there is no doubt, that is the video site is from video content to consumers, to the quality.

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