November third weeks of network security report the discovery of the horse site domain name 403

IDC on the network ( reported on 02 December: Sharing Platform Based on CNCERT sampling and monitoring results of the national information security vulnerabilities (CNVD) released data that, in the third week of November (2014-11-17 to 2014-11-23) during the whole evaluation of China’s Internet network security index is good.

below, please comment on the network with IDC in November 17th to November 23rd, China’s Internet security situation:


(Figure 1) third weeks in November, the basic situation of network security figure

observation Figure 1, can be seen in the third week of November, the overall evaluation of China’s Internet network security index is good. See Figure 1 data, review of IDC network was informed that the number of virus infection within the host was 486 thousand, compared with last week, up 5.5%; the site has been tampered with the total fell to 3142, down 6.2% compared to last week, and the number of government websites than last week increased by 9%;

addition, the territory of the total number of portal sites were implanted 743, an increase of 51.6%, which increased the number of government websites to the number of copies of the number of copies of the site in the territory of the previous week rose by 7.9% to reach 5460.

addition, the number of new information security vulnerabilities fell to 138, a decrease of 9.2%. There are 43 high-risk vulnerabilities, compared with last week, down by 42.7%.

a, network virus activity


(Figure 2) network virus activity diagram

Figure 2, this week, the number of hosts infected with the virus in the network is about 486 thousand, the chain last week, an increase of about 25 thousand. Where is the Trojan or bot control host about 221 thousand, an increase of 31.8%; and (Conficker) infected fly off worm host is less than last week, down 9.5%, about 265 thousand.


(Figure 3) network virus activity diagram

according to figure 3, we can see that this week, the new network name of the virus has 15, compared with last week fell by 25%; the number of new network virus family fell to 1, the chain last week, a decrease of 4.


(Figure 4) put horse site domain name registration within and outside the territory of the distribution of

by Figure 4, the distribution of the following this week Ma site domain name registration belongs to the overseas accounts to 60.3%, representing a decrease of 4.7% last week; China accounted for up to 38.5%; while the proportion of unknown domain dependency from last week’s 0.4% to 1.2%>

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