Red hat optimistic about China’s market potential in the next five years will invest tens of million

according to foreign reports, although the downward Chinese economic growth for many multinational companies are worried about, but open source software vendor red hat is not in their ranks. To further enhance the growth of Asian business, red hat plans to invest tens of millions of dollars in the Chinese market in the next five years.


red hat CEO Jim · White Hearst (Jim Whitehurst) said in a CNBC interview, from Asia’s revenue now takes up 1/5 of the total revenue of the red hat, the company is committed to expanding the scale of business in asia. Headquartered in North Carolina, red hat is expected this year’s revenue will exceed $2 billion, after five years of revenue is expected to reach $5 billion. In the next five years, the red hat in addition to Japan’s Asian business revenue is expected to maintain a CAGR of 20% to 25%, higher than the current level of 10%.

Whitehurst said, "Chinese over the transfer from the mainframe server to a new architecture based on open source over the entire client server wave, this is a bit like directly into the mobile phone era from the fixed time."

has been the focus of recent debate about how much government and law enforcement agencies are able to master the patented technology. Red hat has a natural advantage over this issue. Whitehurst said, I think the Snowden incident and the subsequent occurrence of some of the things around the world, so that many countries began to worry that the country is still in the confidentiality of intellectual property rights. This is a question of ownership. Red hat does not exist intellectual property issues, because anyone can access our source code."

open source software is sold as a patented product technology companies as a poison, but as red hat has confirmed that the popularity of open source software and even let the information technology giants began to collaborate. Whitehurst said, open source has become the default choice for developers to write applications."

red hat last year to join Microsoft, so that red hat can run on Microsoft’s cloud services Azure red hat software. Collaboration with red hat was also seen as a breakthrough in Microsoft, because the company’s former CEO Steve · Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) in 2001 has said that Linux like "cancer" and "cancer", killing the entire commercial software business. At that time, Microsoft had launched the Linux contest initiative to launch attacks on Linux from various fields of products to marketing.

Whitehurst said, "I think Microsoft’s CEO Satir · Nadella (Satya Nadella) has been recognized, if you continue to maintain relevance in today’s science and technology industry, the company will have to embrace the open source community, because this is a new hot spot."

although Microsoft and red hat has not yet determined the allocation of revenue programs, but the two companies are considered to be

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