One week news review A5 transactions to replace the short domain name A5 net Chinese nternet webmas

1 Chinese Internet webmaster gone?

peak period there have been thousands of people to sign up for the activities of the Chinese Internet webmaster conference, but this year quietly.

famous individual stationmaster Lu Songsong in May 25th in his blog, has been held for nine sessions this year shut down, and activities in the last year changed its name, the original "stationmaster" two words is erased, instead of the Internet entrepreneurs conference.

has long been bad mouthing the owners, after the news spread, Adsense outdated theory to re occupy the market. Since the media people building a Dongsheng "business is so hot, why stationmaster disappeared?" the article is WeChat detonated circle of friends, followed by discussion and Reflection on the countless.

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2 privatization delisting: too late, the air has been fading, nanzu


listed on the U.S. stock exchange 5 years later, the continued decline in the final choice of everyone or delisting became a Private Companies. Privatization itself is a double-edged sword, if everyone back to the domestic market after returning to the capital market also has too much uncertainty, this era has not belong to everyone.

day before everyone received the privatization proposal, the CEO COO proposed by Liu Jian Chen Yizhou. The plan proposes that it will be prepared in accordance with the price of $ADS4.2 per dollar or $1.4 per share. In other words, the United States listed on the NYSE 5 years later, everyone eventually chose to withdraw or become a Private Companies.

I believe that the privatization of Renren delisting, may be based on the following considerations, first of all, it may be considered that the company’s market value has been seriously underestimated. We know that when the market capitalization of $5 billion 530 million, the highest market capitalization reached $7 billion 600 million, and now the market value of 1 billion 515 million, down by 3/4. The second is the market value of a serious case of the contraction, for all companies scattered investment, financing may be difficult, but also pay a lot of cost and strict supervision, to ensure that the management of the company is the company’s long-term development prospects, as well as privatization better when repurchase and low cost.

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3 WeChat public platform rules re adjust: new registration need to verify the individual or enterprise  

June 15th, WeChat public platform rules

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