True happiness comes from the heart

      as a student, I am a straightforward person, speak very straight talking, not afraid of offending people, I have been back to the headmaster has several xiabulaitai. Of course, the treatment of friends around me, I speak very straight, the first of those friends feel uncomfortable, then a long time, I know that the character is very straight, it became a very good friend. Remember those days, every night, some friends called living in the abandoned upstairs, blowing cool breeze, a drink, chat, sing, really miss.

      in those years, every night when we chat together, I will let my friends say my shortcomings, and every time they tell me a shortcoming, I will thank them. Also, I saw them not pleasing to the eye, and they will be told very bluntly. Everyone is heart to heart!

      that is a period of youth, in the youth of the day, we all want to grow up, the process of growth is continuous self-improvement, self-improvement and the need for more real friends. A true friend is not to curry favour those flatterer, but those people who tell the truth to you. When we enter the society, youth gradually away, and more and more people know, but can become a true friend of the less and less, and everyone will inevitably become increasingly secular. Even forget their original…

      because at this time, the spirit is not in the first place, you first have to face is to live independently. So, you will face a variety of helpless, in the face of frustration, can only continue to compromise

      remember 02 years, the netizen "the heart is a bit chaotic" wrote such a paragraph of text, let me remember deeply:

      I’ve been compromised since childhood. The red guards to compromise. The director of compromise. The compromise of three good student. Compromise on college entrance examination. Compromise on first love. On the first night of compromise. Compromise on dismissal. To a compromise.

      to get smart players compromise. Compromise on birds. Compromise on the revolutionary party. The shit don’t understand also Niubi and compromise of mediocrity. Career compromise. On smoking and health compromise. Compromise of desire.

      compromise on aging. Compromise on time. I’m always in a back step by step, road widening, the sky is more and more pale, plot more and more glamorous garbage. I give more and more big, I can insist on how much? A few percent, or a fraction of a few?

      the less you hold on, the more you forget. Slowly, you are no longer the real you

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