Reported that Suning will acquire full net full brand will remain independent


technology news October 12th morning news, insiders Suning, Suning will buy into domestic group purchase website manzuo, became the controlling shareholder, will maintain a full independent brand.

previously, full network CEO Feng Xiaohai said in an interview, full network is indeed with Suning contact, but also to discuss a new round of financing with a number of funds and companies. For the rumors Suning $5 million acquisition of full network, Feng Xiaohai said that if the completion of this round of financing, the actual amount of financing will be higher than the number of.

In January 2010,

sold out online line. August 2010, full network access to well-known venture capital institutions KPCB millions of dollars of investment, and obtain full net foreign claims from Kleiner Perkins and JP Morgan more than $50 million financing.

But in recent years, with the

group purchase industry fierce competition, the U.S. mission network, public comment on two of the first camp, handle network, rice network, Wo Wo Group and other two echelon followed by five hope to sit three, and full network, tick group, 1000 products three group purchase website camp with the first and the two group and the gap is increasingly obvious. No catch, attachment parties giants to enter the industry appears to be the only way to group purchase its brand from out of the.

with ALI investment group, Tencent (419, 9.20, 2.25%, real-time quotes), F integration Gaopeng group and QQ group purchase group purchase Baidu WeChat force, $160 million injection of sticky web integrated into Baidu maps, BAT big three group purchase has completed the layout of the industry, is adding to the speed of Internet retailer Suning transformation the rest is one of the group purchase website a few potential buyers.

this news, Suning official said no knowledge. Sun Weimin, vice chairman of the board of directors, said Suning, Suning has its own buy, even if the acquisition, but also the value of each other’s team value.

at present, has the group purchase business, covering the life commodity group, Turisthotellet group, three plates, the basic business has covered many prefecture level city.

It is reported that

, Suning group purchase channel recently released version 2, when Suning platform settled merchants can apply product to join the group purchase channel for promotion, internal sources said earlier will not charge any fees. sources, the ticket business is also actively preparing for group purchase. (


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