Discussion on four methods of successful operation of group buying website

many people now have to focus on the group purchase this market, this is not now the group purchase market appeared thousands of war hot scenes, some large group purchase website is also facing a variety of difficulties, it is very difficult to manage group purchase website, but is often more difficult, once successful, profit is very objective, which is why so many people crowded market xiaojiannaodai to group purchase reason. In fact, the market competition is very hot group purchase looks, but just to find the right way, then it is easy to obtain from the chaos in your group purchase website in order to break through in an invincible position, here we have to introduce how to do the four kinds of methods of group purchase website


A: Q & a platform to buy crowd

We know that the

group purchase website to develop the two legs, is a user, a merchant, and through the quiz platform will be able to tap into the potential of the group purchase users, of course when setting the quiz questions and answers, attention must be paid to the weakening of the effect of advertising, or is very easy to cause questions deleted embarrassment of course, usually pay attention to Baidu or search above a number, because the number of the higher level, likely removed less! This is the use of Baidu know or search a little trick to ask


two: Baidu promotion to choose to do

Baidu promotion there are many people have misconceptions about him, as do Baidu promotion investment cost is relatively high, but the return rate is very low, in fact, Baidu promotion more or less will bring a certain profit to you, or Baidu promotion platform already finished, those who want to brush through Baidu alliance idea must hurry to wash away, otherwise it might hurt your website to know if Baidu can’t make this suspected of cheating, not to let their users make a profit, that he did not dare to embrace this porcelain live


three: the use of local newspapers, radio and local websites to promote planning

usually cheap activities once climbed to the local newspapers and magazines or news media, can always get a lot of attention, after all, our people’s psychology has that kind of petty love knot, but like this effect can bring the benefits of advertising will often have a reputation, a twenty hundred, while all the people the local will know, so for some lines under local publicity channels to make good use of online publicity channels, also can not be less, the most commonly used method is to promote publicity through the local community forum or


four: campus promotion to small broad

if there are some well-known local schools, especially universities, if the promotion in the university can often play a multiplier effect, because the students because of funding constraints, the total would like to be able to use less money to get more benefits, so students often is the main force of the group purchase, and College Students for some new things is also very easy to receive, will not feel discomfort, so in the campus promotion.

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