Another famous website in China is the first Blog hosting service provider (Blog Service Provider), is also the first commercial operation, providing charging services in Chinese Blog website, reputation in the Chinese Blog industry. Blog bus is the first batch of Blog hosting service providers, is also the first commercial operation, the provision of Chinese Blog service charges website. Founder of the blog bus sinus Yi recently said that before and after the Spring Festival will have a new action, in the blog service on the basis of looking for some new breakthroughs and innovations, but did not disclose the specific content.

this morning with friends broke the news, blog website blog bus home began today morning appeared unable to visit, has not been restored. BLOGBUS.COM domain name has been registered in the afternoon to prohibit the analysis.

Ping BLOGBUS.COM domain name of the results show that IP is not an official record of the BLOGBUS.COM analysis, but visitors to the local telecommunications IP


domain name WHOIS information is as follows:


not to get the exact fault message. This article starts

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