Forum management

a jar to thrive, first of all to have a soul, only to a persons like clouds.    

a jar to cold, only the soul of a little slack, or by the stalwart to wretched, very simple.

a jar to thrive, must have supported several good qualified moderators, escort. A fence of the three piles, one of three men to help.

a jar to be left out, just to see the post moderator focus, often say something hurt does not itch, not let people confused, then the version of the decline.

a jar to thrive, there must be several charismatic professional writers or senior irrigation Wang, critics, they need water for you round the clock. The so-called home of the Indus tree, the golden phoenix. Look at the post post will come in a throng.

a jar to be left out, only need to leave these writers, and support forces not to lean.

a jar to thrive, must be proficient in computer professional and technical personnel, in the service of the processing, a fine color, make people relaxed and happy, I love forever.

a jar to thrive, there is very important. Soul, must not be lazy. Because many writers to post, just in order to solicit the opinions of others on this post. A pretentious, insincere, lied, the luankan, slightly thinking people will feel moderators in their perfunctory.

a jar to cold, only we do not tell the truth, have fun with, Hello everyone I am good, long time, becomes a little righteous rhetoric, was long thorn can’t receive, play version of the version will get tired.

a jar to thrive, there must be people. Like the store opened, like a trick to start to have people crying. The best way is the flying brick tile cross, upon star splash. The twins not quarrel, is anxious to have fought the battle of wits. A brick, be called bricks should be squalling, nor to the Forum gathered popularity.

a jar to be left out, simply called street several times, let everyone exposed the Philistine’s nature, we see, will not come naturally.

a jar to thrive, also need to play their respective role of moderators, two faced Erhualian, Tsing Yi niche laodan, not a shoulder. The forum does not need comprehensive talent, like theatre, love is love face face, love is love opera artistes, let a person not only delusion singingerhualian singing and artistes, the same color, it is difficult to.

a jar to be left out, as long as we are not very good role conversion, confusion, let herself off the clothes, "Miss" wearing clothing, a long time, certainly game over.

a jar to thrive, there must be a collective concept. Heart to a place, to a place. The moderator between unity and respect between writers. Never avoid >

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