Wan Jun how to deal with the impact of Baidu talent platform open platform

the two day online article more and more About Baidu open platform, condemning, just because of serious damage to Baidu’s move to advertising website main interest, open platform data collected through content agreement, the first screen display strength, closure originally belong to ranking before most of the traffic sites, more people can not accept is this part will flow directly into the protocol of the website, or your competitors.

for site personnel, recruitment information itself does not belong to absolute resources, Baidu open platform itself on the recruitment information evaluation is also used in "high quality resources" standard, which uses specific talent network information, I get from the open platform of information are as follows: 1, 2, invited well-known websites; the internal test; from several months ago, Baidu open platform on-line recruitment resources will open, the only content is Zhaopin, covering the words include combinations of all you can think of the position name, city name + recruitment word, I have to submit your web site at the time, but did not pass the audit, Baidu mail reply is recruiting the resource class belongs to the test stage, does not accept the application.

a few days after the 58 city and Ganji has become a source of information, Baidu open application channel, so far, Baidu announced the recruitment resources website is a total of 10, what is the pure 01hr collection site is among them, another concern is the collection of the 51rc platform the Web cluster, search information display is a plurality of independent domain name 51rc’s content. The rest is a few individual regional talent network. From the test results from the keywords, the site has been included in the talent is far more than 10. It is self-evident talent website Baidu open platform for many rely on search to obtain the traffic impact, but the frustration is that the trend is that we cannot change, how to ensure the site traffic, and the upper hand in the competition, I summarized several aspects for reference.

1, try to submit the site to open platform


said above, is now included in the site is far more than Baidu released 10, also not is what shit famous website, a collection of garbage station, the station included only a few hundred millions, ranking, if your site is updated daily amount enough, can try to open.baidu.com registration process is submitted registered account platform – fill in the application form for the qualification and audit resources submit mail submission. The whole cycle is about 2 weeks. Now although the sites included a dozen, but the results show only the highest Zhaopin, 58 city and Ganji these 3 sites, if you do not take care to be included, to update frequency efforts in content, for the on rate.

2, increase the intensity of SEO, keyword open source

now Baidu open platform is used in the recruitment of the key words of a wide range of matching phrases, other similar to "talent" and the name of the specific site has not yet shown, it means that will add

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