Taobao shop owners with Witkey promotion stores each month to save yuan advertising

            China first C2C shop, first five crown shop owner Taobao lemon Green Tea offering a reward of 4000 yuan in the country’s largest pig Witkey network launched online essay competition; business management curtain crown Taobao shop to spend 888 yuan for the marketing plan; the most professional badminton service taking the shuttle network information to spend 588 yuan for the Taobao flagship store shop decoration design, Witkey has become a new way of collecting ideas, promote Taobao shop shop.

according to reports, the use of Witkey promotion Taobao stores, other than advertising channels per month can save million advertising costs.

five crown stores with Witkey promotion saves yuan advertising

lemon Green Tea ( is the first China C2C shop, first five crown shop, the first breakthrough 500 thousand Taobao crown credibility shop, the first breakthrough in the Taobao 1 million double crown shop reputation. In April this year, the store shopkeeper Mr. Gu to spend 4000 yuan in the pig online essay contest, collect article 10 best soft Wen, task out, to the very good promotion effect to the shop, there are 7426 tasks on 115 people signed up, and finally got 62 creative contributions, Mr. Gu had to reluctantly part, the provisions of Article 10 prior selection.

he said, "I didn’t expect to have such a hot effect, 4000 yuan in other website advertising, may not take a bubble, but in Witkey online but a ripple, not only won a large number of soft Wen, also received nearly million people’s attention, which is works, and free of advertising, two words:" good. "."

Mr. Gu said, every month with promotion costs at least 20 thousand yuan, after the Witkey promotion, advertising costs are still not reduced, but more good results can be obtained, equivalent to savings of millions of Yuan advertising costs.

hopes to increase the turnover of

Witkey crown stores

Hebei Handan Lo operates a main pin curtains, bedding and Home Furnishing soft decoration Taobao shop. In the Taobao store has 5 years of history, after the hardship the shop management for the crown shop. Although each month sales is considerable, but Mr Roh unwilling to the status quo, the effort to shop again turnover times.

June 8th, he in the online search marketing plan, unexpectedly learned "Witkey" specializes in creative, he will want to try. Subsequently, he searched Witkey, pig network is the largest domestic Witkey network, in the website 888 yuan reward collecting marketing plan. "Because of the high price, second days, there are 8 manuscripts handed over." Mr. Lu said that the manuscript has several works have made him very satisfied, but there are more than and 10 days from the end of the task, he will wait and see. "If the work is good enough to double the amount of steady and steady business, he will be awarded another bonus"

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