Please note that the link on the sale even bargain

today I’m in a jar link trading post purchase. My previous posts can always get a lot of good response, but this time, received basic abuse.

first, let’s see what I’ve said. I said today, the PR value is no longer the purchase link standard, I buy this link, just look at the Baidu included the number of update frequency, time and station chain export. Then I set the price, Baidu included 500 yuan, Baidu snapshot -10 days of the past 5 days, to $1, 3 days -5 days, to the block, a snapshot of less than 2 days, to the 3. I do not have a list of price reference, and then said under the included 2000 pages, snapshots within 2 days, to the 6. Anyway, it is such a standard to.

then call the overwhelming condemning came. Say I am cabbage price, BS, etc.. Admittedly, I am a Chinese cabbage price, but I am not fair?

everyone, it is best to think about transposition, even if you do not change to the buyer’s point of view, you also have a good look at it. A long-term not updated snapshot Baidu, included a number of small, is what kind of station? You will feel this station is often updated? You will find this site useful really? Don’t speak nicely, I feel shy to take this stand out to sell some people may agree with me! The point of view, this site also nachulaimai ridiculous, but in fact, there really such a big pile of people every day, and take a lot of such a domain name to sell out. How much do you think he can pay for such a link factory?

look, I really out of the price of cabbage? A Baidu included 2000 page, if your PR value is 0, I offer 6, very low? Than most low. Not low ah!

but why are there so many people who dislike me?. First, I actually shouted 1 yuan this price is low, but people have not scold me, share the hows and whys of a matter you are,? Would you buy it? I guess you even a piece of this money are not willing to. Second, I hurt the PR value as the standard of human heart trading. To be honest, we do know that the first garbage station relies on Baidu is not GG, your PR value high, Baidu included and not updated frequently, we buy links people, very useful? Is that some people will attach great importance to the PR value, but everyone has their own use, they are according to the GG rankings. A PR value for more than 4 of the station, I think a few now, but such a "major", a day IP less than 100, hang a 468*60 ad only 10 dollars in January, he is to offer a few text links, if you buy, you think I value? Feel quite value. But I’m just a buyer, I think I can not buy it, but you think you can not sell you. This is between the two sides, no one forces you.

I want to buy, it is not the PR PR value is low, or very important.

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