National network information office to carry out the deployment of special rectification action comm

June 21st, the National Network Information Office held a national video conference special rectification comments, deployment problems existing centralized management comments. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the network as well as some of the Central News website, the person responsible for the business website.

central network information office, the national network information office deputy director Ren Xianliang pointed out that the comments are the people to express their opinions on the Internet, the expression of ideas, an important platform for interactive communication, the supervision of public opinion. The comments disturb the order and undermine the dissemination of information chaos network public opinion ecology, people hate, we must make great efforts to remediation.

the special rectification should focus on three aspects: one is to clear the comments in violation of the "nine no", breaking the "seven line" illegal and harmful information, vigorously clean comments space. Two is to strengthen the supervision of law enforcement management, network reported receiving channels, promote the formation of good mechanism of harmful information for prevention and treatment of people cry. Three is to carry out extensive online publicity and education, continue to carry out "sunshine thread" action, and actively cultivate positive and healthy, positive network culture, the civilization and rational comment thread, replies on the Internet become good.

Ren Xianliang stressed that the comments of ecological governance lies in the implementation of the main responsibility for the site. The network media can not blindly pursue hits, should assume social responsibility, improve information security management system, strengthen the self-discipline management of comments, to honor the solemn commitment to the public to make the Internet better for the benefit of the people.

global network general manager Xu Dandan said that the strengthening of the comments management is an important measure to comprehensively promote the rule of law in cyberspace. Global network in the future will be more as good responsibility, good relations, and strive to build a good ecological comments.

Tencent deputy editor in chief Chen Peng said, the Tencent will further improve the comments management mechanism, to provide high quality comments platform for Internet users.

Liu Yang, deputy editor of NetEase

said NetEase will further strengthen the main responsibility of the site, the purification of cyberspace, promote the healthy and orderly development of the site as a top priority, strengthen self-discipline, standardize operations.

Beijing Network Information Office Deputy Director Xing Jianyi said, Beijing city network information office will conscientiously carry out special rectification comments, strengthen supervision and management, and fully mobilize the initiative of the website, to promote standardization and self-discipline, to regulate and promote development, purify network space, improve the network public opinion ecology, gathering positive energy network.

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