China to carry out the purification of online cultural environment action 58 sites are processed

China News Agency, Beijing, January 31 – with the rapid development of the Internet, Chinese Internet users continued to grow rapidly. Foreign media organizations to increase market efforts to seize the domestic Internet culture, the media products such as animation, movies, TV and other news free to the public, many media are full of violence and pornography, gambling, etc.. Domestic illegal websites for profit wantonly download, widely spread in the country, coated users.

recently, the relevant departments jointly take special rectification action, according to the law dealt with 58 illegal websites, according to the law review of the 34 involved. Find the action, the illegal websites were illegally posted spread a large number of foreign media organizations to make products, especially in the Hongkong media group produced the news and television programs. These foreign media organizations regardless of media ethics, for illegal profit, to the mainland through Internet pornography, violence, corrupt social values, especially young people suffer, induced a large number of illegal and criminal acts, bad social impact.

at present, special rectification action is still in progress. Said the relevant law enforcement departments, will further increase remediation efforts to deal with illegal Internet cultural environment, dissemination of overseas media products in accordance with the law, illegal and criminal activities against pornography, gambling, violence and other content, purify network environment, maintain the healthy and orderly development of Internet culture market.

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