Zhang Zhaoyang nternet Era in addition to the show but also what to do

since April 20, 1994, China through a 64K international line access to the world, the country can not avoid to be involved in a new change, this change covers Chinese work, and even political life. And now China’s Internet entrepreneurs are taking a more disruptive technology and a stronger attitude to participate in the subversion of the country to change, such as Internet banking.

"blog world" to "Chinese Internet, what will happen in the next 5000 days?". In this topic, "the blog world" with the "connection" magazine editor Kevin · 5 important and China Internet entrepreneur Kelly, their attempts from the theory and experience of two individuals to understand the logic of Chinese Internet trend and the original power, explore the future direction. This series of six articles, this is the third. Above: "Kevin Kelly: · Chinese firewall will disappear, people will monitor the government", "Zhang Shuxin: the failure yinghaiwei," because it is too early. ".

in the glass room on the top floor of the Sohu building, I met Zhang Zhaoyang. This glass house was in a very long period of time brings together celebrities, but in recent years, Zhang Zhaoyang only in extremely necessary, such as the Sohu video drama released or when he attended celebrity events, only the lights lit glass house. In March 19th the 90 minute interview, just from the closed out Guanzhong he and I maintain a strange gap, this gap so that he is always in a state of excited and confused, he often give an irrelevant answer.

could see that he answered my question in a very sincere manner, but in many cases, his sincerity made the question difficult to answer. When I asked him to answer why he suddenly disappeared for two years when the Sohu was all right, he began to explain why human beings would suffer from mental crisis.

the human brain is the most recent mutation is the emergence of the Internet, the amount of information received by each of us and greatly increase the amount of information received, it is prone to mental problems…… Finally, our brains become our enemy, become our own enemy (the enemy), our brains infinite loop into a dead end, lead us to the last occurrence of pain."

gap in the photographer taking pictures of him, Zhang Zhaoyang told me that he was still in the woods recently, I put him ahead from the woods abruptly to pull out, he would have been scheduled for his comeback at that time after a few months, he will lead the company to return to the stage of Internet Sohu center.


statement and his last piqued my curiosity, I wonder the Chinese favorite show "how CEO is a Internet Co in the technology innovation product manager led era re positioning themselves, and is planning to return to the Internet through which means the center of the stage.

there is no denying that Zhang Zhaoyang once led

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