The regeneration pattern of search engines Baidu 360 Tencent bid for Sogou change

May 8th evening news, investment industry sources, the Sohu’s Sogou is seeking to sell at present, Baidu, 360, Tencent in the bid, including 360 for the most active, but Baidu bid higher, the negotiations are underway.

Sogou has encountered a bottleneck in the development of Baidu, the two camps under the pressure of the market share is difficult to continue to grow, about half a year ago, there has been an intention to sell 360." The sources said that the 360 bid of about $1 billion 400 million, a cash and stock exchange transaction, Baidu cash is more abundant, can come up with more cash, the Tencent join because they do not want to be with 360 sogou.

is reported that there are differences within the Sohu for the sale of Sogou problems, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan led the team wants to sell to 360, while Sohu chairman Zhang Zhaoyang would like to be able to sell to Baidu. Zhang Zhaoyang because of my mental condition is not very good, the current transaction mainly by Wang Xiaochuan push, finally finalized by Zhang Zhaoyang. "The chances of winning in the end 360 are bigger." Above person judgment.

360 if you take the Sogou or subvert the market structure

according to CNZZ data, in April 2013 Baidu search engine market share of 67.21%, the search ranked second, the market share of 14.94%, Sogou ranked in the market share of 9.15%, the number of up to 360. Once the 360 successful bid for Sogou, the market share will exceed 1/4, and over 360 secure browser, Sogou browser two search promotion channel.

in addition, Sogou Sogou input method also has the market ranked first, the input method has 195 million active users, covering more than 80% of the China Internet population, and 360 security guards, Tencent and three desktop client software has become Chinese. Once the acquisition is successful, 360 will occupy the top three desktop client of two, can greatly consolidate the advantages of the Internet side in PC.


from another source said, Sogou will be brewing independent listing this year, the company may sell 15% – 20% stake in IPO or IPO on the eve of the process, it may also be the introduction of strategic investors in shares rather than wholly acquired. Whether it is acquired or investment, Sogou must find a new tree, there is hope in the search engine market full of gunpowder live."


sources, 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi to strengthen 360 search advantages, is very active in the bid for UC the capital operation, price is relatively high, while Baidu bid in capital operation and therefore more cautious, optimistic about the 360 and sogou. If the merger will subvert the existing pattern of the search engine market, the formation of the real two strong hegemony."

sina science and technology were called Sogou, 360, Baidu relevant person in charge, the three companies have said they do not respond. Wang Xiaochuan wrote in micro-blog: do not fly. Again.

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