Zhou Hongyi personal webmaster to cooperate thousand easily


(Qihoo chairman Zhou Hongyi


news May 17th, Qihoo chairman Zhou Hongyi today in the fourth session of the annual meeting of Chinese Internet webmaster of medium and small owners said that the monthly income of thousands of individual owners are not difficult, difficult is the personal website is bigger.

Zhou Hongyi believes that the development of personal sites are not necessarily independent financing and listing. Now some people are not satisfied with the existing level, want to further expand. He has to learn to cooperate with the owners.

Zhou Hongyi also warned personal website, do not always feel that they are cattle, do not think that they do a very successful cattle WebGame.

"this is only the first step. You want to do is the ultimate and focus on the future development of your personal website, we must learn to step on the shoulders of others."

Zhou Hongyi also believes that grassroots entrepreneurs should pay more attention to the actual needs of Internet users.

"there are too many needs in real life, everyone has different interests. We all love to buy DVD, we all love a car and drive cheyouhui, you will find that this needs to meet the eye everywhere. I think this is precisely the grassroots webmaster need to dig deep."

Zhou Hongyi said personal webmaster want to think more about what kind of value can be created for the customer, the only way to personal website is equivalent to have their own value.


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