Yang Zhiyuan came back with his first investment to a travel website

China online travel market into the rapid development stage is not false, but Yang Zhiyuan and the site have what kind of opportunity?

hidden Zhiyuan, YAHOO late.

when China YAHOO no longer provide information and community services, the purple dream eventually faded out of people’s vision.

but we still can not forget the man, the founder of YAHOO Century Network — the first person away from the spotlight for Yang Zhiyuan.

purple dream away, fortunately, Yang Zhiyuan came back, he did not give up the market to China, quietly another way to open the color of dreams. Super brother learned that he was the first investment in the Chinese market, voted for a low-key travel website, world travel network.


value online travel?



the current domestic online travel market growth rate has exceeded 60%, with the middle class income increased, travel consumption demand level, for the European line in ANZ long-term outbound proportion is rising year by year, so the market for user groups will show further differentiation and accurate.

China online travel market into the rapid development stage is not false, but Yang Zhiyuan and the site have what kind of opportunity?

I understand that the world state travel network only for self-service travel abroad this narrow areas, did not take the tourism community route, based on the DGC model: "Master generated content" (Note: Master refers to the overseas Chinese have settled abroad or have a long life experience abroad in recent years the local pass), combined with Internet technology. Form a complete set of solutions.

mentioned several major factions online travel market, the first to bear the brunt of the traditional large-scale OTA. Ctrip.com as the first batch of the rise of the online travel group, the ability to integrate resources rich product supply and strong line is its biggest advantage.

also have to mention UGC type tourist community, such as the mafengwo and the main foreign travel poor travel network. UGC is the user generated content of the interactive mode, relying on the forum community to accumulate user popularity, travel, Raiders and other original content is its biggest bright spot.

of course, the entire market structure is far from being formed.

new tourism law will soon be implemented as soon as the news was announced, in the tourism industry set off a strong tsunami. Because the compulsory shopping and expense items are prohibited, a large number of outbound tour fares rose sharply, the traditional travel agency has suffered serious impact; and travel has become the biggest beneficiary of this change, the industry generally believe that the market ushered in rapid growth opportunities. At the same time, this is also conducive to stimulate the Raiders to share as the core, to provide hotel reservations, air tickets, doors >

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